Listen up Daddy-o's! Although there is no pornography contained within (Bettie wasn't about that jazz!), this gallery does contain rockin' nudies and groovy adult themes, so mature kool kats only. Hot damn, on with the show!

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Got photos or art?
Many groovy ghoulies have contributed to this gallery, both by sending in their own findings, scans and original art. If you have images that you don't think are here, by all means, send them! If you have better quality and/or larger copies of images I already have here, send! If you want your art of Bettie here for the world to see, baby get sending! To contact me and send images, click here.

Copyright Statement
Blah blah blah, insert legal mumbojumbo here. No copyright infringment was intended. Most of the artists featured in the art section have given their permission or submitted their own art. But this site started in 1998, over the years and several 'puter meltdowns, I've lost much of my contact information for some of the artists and others I no longer know who created them. If your jazz is sitting in the 'unkown' section or you recognize any of them, speak up, I'd love to credit them!

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